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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Pregnancy Bomb Hits Lope – Steffy’s Bad Habit Returns.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope Logan and Liam Spencer’s relationship could be in danger. Moreover, a pregnancy bomb could soon drop over the couple. And, the returning cast mystery will still be surrounding the two.

Likewise, Steffy Forrester and John Finnegan’s marriage will only get worse as time passes. If the two end up breaking, Steffy could return to her beloved ex, Liam. And, Hope could once again get entangled in the love triangle.

Hope’s Pregnant.

As the fans recently saw, Hope cracked a joke about how she could give birth to 20 more babies. And, there could be more than it just being a joke. Moreover, could she be having another child with Liam?

Nevertheless, the show likes playing with the fans with its crazy storylines. Just like they made the fans think that Vinny Walker was murdered, it turned out that to be a suicide instead. So, we can’t be sure if Hope is giving birth.

Likewise, it’s also possible Hope’s trauma could strike her if she gets pregnant. As the fans know, she has already had a miscarriage in the past. So, she might need lots of reassurances from Liam if she gets pregnant.

Also, there’s more coming from the mysterious person who will arrive in town soon. Fans are expecting the person to be someone of huge importance. But, the show could also play it out as just a simple popping up of characters like Dr. Campbell or Dr. Phillips.

Love Triangle Returns.

Nonetheless, Steffy and Finn haven’t been doing any good even after trashing Sheila Carter. Moreover, Finn could realize that Steffy isn’t cut for him. And, he might get more attracted to Paris Buckingham instead.

Meanwhile, Steffy’s habit of relying on Liam whenever it’s difficult could return. And, she might start craving for Liam and potentially reunite with him.

That will also bring back the love triangle between Hope, Liam, and Steffy. So, things could get more interesting if Hope gets pregnant at the exact period. And, Liam could end up in a huge dilemma having to choose between his lover and ex-lover.

Anyway, the bun in the oven thing will surely make things hard for Lope. Also, two candidates for the mysterious person are Deacon Sharpe and Caroline Spencer. But, the show could also bring someone else to spice things up.

So, who do you think could the mysterious person be? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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