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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn And Carter Give In – Eric Vents To Ridge.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton will meet each other right after declining Eric Forrester’s request. As the fans know, the two declined Eric’s proposal of satisfying each other. But, their temptation is growing too strong and they might just give in.

Meanwhile, Ridge Forrester will face his father and want to make things clear. But before we dive deeper, do you think Eric will share his medical crisis and insecurity? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Quarter Reconsider.

Now, getting into the spoilers, Quinn and Carter had declined Eric’s offer of making love to each other. And, the fans really thought Eric made the wrong decision by pushing such an unconventional plan. But, we will get to see soon enough if Eric was right.

Eric believes his disability shouldn’t hold back such a big part of Quinn’s life. If Quinn had never cheated on Eric, he surely wouldn’t have pushed his wife for something like this. But, he knows Quinn wants her desires fulfilled and he can’t do so.

Likewise, the spoilers suggest Quinn will meet Carter right after the meeting ends. Especially, she will want to talk about Eric’s offer with Carter. And, it’s possible they will reconsider it after declining it first.

Nevertheless, Quinn and Carter both can’t hold back their feelings anymore. But, the only thing that’s stopping them is everything could end up being a mess.

It’s impossible for Quinn to lay in Eric’s arms during the day and sleep with Carter during the night. So, the two will take some time to think about which option might be better in the long run.

Ridge’s Curious.

Nonetheless, Ridge is curious why Eric has been acting so weird lately. The Forrester patriarch was always full of pride but his entire confidence has been lost now. So, the two might involve in a father-son conversation to make things clear.

Moreover, Ridge still can’t wrap his head around how Eric brought Quinn back even after knowing she cheated with Carter. So, he will question Eric why he felt like doing so? And, Eric could end up being frustrated and scream that it’s complicated.

Not even Brooke Logan has ever had the courage to question Eric like so. But, Ridge won’t stop without getting deep into his father’s heart. And, it’s possible Eric could start venting because he has been keeping it with himself for too long.

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