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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn And Carter Hop In Bed – Steffy Demands?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Carter Walton and Quinn Forrester will be making love once again. Since both of them have already lost their partners, there’s nothing stopping them from doing so.

Carter Loves Quinn?

After Brooke Logan revealed Quinn slept with Carter during the vow renewal ceremony, Eric Forrester kicked Quinn off the mansion. Meanwhile, Zoe Buckingham dumped him and left the town.

Likewise, Eric and Quinn are inching towards a divorce and she will be a free lady afterward. Since they both need someone or something to drift their mind away, it seems like a bed romance will be perfect.

Although Eric excused Carter and let him have the job, the same thing won’t happen again if he gets caught. And, we know playing with Eric is a really dangerous game.

Nevertheless, Carter needs to consider his relationship with the Forresters if he cares about his career.

In addition, Quinn will be dropping by Carter’s place and sees her portrait that used to hang on the Forrester mansion. Moreover, she will feel loved by Carter jumping into bed right away.

Finn Shocked.

On the other hand, Steffy Forrester and John Finnegan look into their future together. Since they recently gave birth to baby, Hayes, what will be their next move?

Before getting onto it, what do you think will the two plan? Let us know your guesses down in the comment section.

The spoilers suggest that a marriage could be coming soon between the two. Afterward, they can plan for anything, a house, or even another baby.

As we know, Steffy and Finn have gone through many things and still stick together. And, Finn has been a good partner as he’s ready to even fight his parents for Steffy.

Nevertheless, it also seems like Finn will be bringing out a wedding band for Steffy when the two will be sitting on the couch. However, Steffy might have a change of heart as she feels like they need to learn more about each other.

So, it will be really exciting to see Finn’s reaction as it puts their marriage on hold.

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