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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn And Carter’s Secret Might Get Revealed?

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Could Paris Stay Quiet For The “Greater Good”?

Without wasting any time, it seems like Quinn Forrester and Carter Walton’s secret might get revealed. As we know, Carter just recently wanted to make things right and proposed to Zoe Buckingham to marry him again as their previous one was doomed.

Although Zoe is having a ball of a time, it could all shatter in a moment. Moreover, Carter might the one to push his wife out of the town.

However, the person to break the secret to Zoe is going to be none other than Paris Buckingham. And, she has been keeping the secret not to break her sister’s heart. But, it’s only a matter of time until she reveals it.

Meanwhile, Quinn hasn’t been calm herself knowing Paris knows the truth.

Nevertheless, Quinn and Carter have really less possibility to keep Paris quiet. As the reveal could create a huge problem at the Forrester Creations, the greater good might be to stay quiet.

Also, Paris wants Zoe to be happy so she might listen if Carter and Quinn both try to convince her. And, although she isn’t someone who could keep such secrets from Zoe, she might for her happiness.

Thomas’ Thirst For Revenge?

On the other hand, Liam Spencer might ask Thomas Forrester to look after Hope Logan. Also, their children while he spends time in prison.

As we know, Hope too pushed Liam to be with Steffy Forrester once. And now, it’s Liam who is doing so in order for her to get the happiness he couldn’t give.

However, Hope encourages Liam not to give up. As Liam and Bill Spencer still have Justin Barber working to get them out of the cell, who knows they might get out as the show can’t keep those characters behind the bars for years.

Nevertheless, the spoilers also suggest Liam’s connection to Steffy might be at risk in the future. As we know, the paternity test revealed her baby daddy turned out to be Liam instead of Dr. John Finnegan.

And, we also might see a great bash coming from Thomas as he can’t get fine with the fact his best friend was killed. However, he will try his best to be by Hope’s side as she experiences life.

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