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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Destroyed – Newcomer In Show?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Brooke Logan bombarded Quinn and Eric Forrester’s vow renewal ceremony. Moreover, she revealed Quinn’s secret about sleeping with Carter Walton.

Zoe Leaves The Town.

Meanwhile, Paris Buckingham didn’t want her sister, Zoe Buckingham to know the truth from anyone else. So, she called Zoe, who was about to go on a work trip. Also, she was stunned when Paris said its urgent.

Likewise, Paris revealed the truth to Zoe and also cleared out the reason she wasn’t happy for her sister even after getting back to her lover. Also, Paris withheld the truth to not break Zoe’s heart. But, it happened anyway.

While Eric is sure to divorce Quinn, Zoe will dump Carter and take a one-way flight to Paris. Now that Quinn and Carter don’t have anything to stop them, could they reunite and embrace each other?

Before we dive into something else, could Quinn plot revenge against Brooke as she had warned her before not to interfere in her relationship with Eric? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Nevertheless, Zoe is being written off as she will start a new life in Paris. And, her cast Kiara Barnes has announced to leave the show as well.

A New Character Arrives?

Although it might be sad for many fans, we will also be getting a new cast in the show.

It seems like Gabriella Tranchina will be a new character who will help Justin Barber. Moreover, she could be Justin’s lawyer’s assistant. Also, it could end up badly for Gabriella if she finds out Justin’s truth.

Likewise, Gabriella could end up in a cage, like Thomas Forrester. Also, many fans might recognize her for appearing on The Morning Brew.

On the other hand, it seems like Deputy Chief Bradley Baker will be visiting one of the Spencer boys. Moreover, he might talk with Liam Spencer and break some news.

In addition, it could be about reuniting with Hope Logan. So, could it mean Liam might end up in prison for a really long time? However, only time can tell and we will have to wait.

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