bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Rena Sofer Loves Working With Carter.

When we saw that Quinn Fuller would be sleeping with Carter Walton, all of The Bold and The Beautiful world was shook.

However, it seems that Quinn’s portrayer Rena Sofer too seemed as shocked as we were. She says that she hasn’t felt this shock after she and Eric Forrester were paired up.

Furthermore, Quinn aka Rena said,

“when I first heard about Quinn and Carter I thought ‘That’s just crazy!’”

Things turned out and even though their hook up seemed to make no sense at all, it happened. Furthermore, Rena told that Lawrence St, Victor and Rena wanted to make their thing special.

And to say the least, it was pretty special.

And not to mention that it didn’t seen awkward at all for some reason? The chemistry was just right.

Moving on, Eric has forbidden Carter Walton to see Quinn anymore. And that seems pretty unlikely to happen even though he agreed to it. Forbidden romances are always steamier and exciting.

In the same interview, Rena also said,

“It has been shocking and exciting, all at the same time and Lawrence has been a terrific scene partner. It’s been a lot of fun working with him in this capacity.”

I think it’s pretty clear to us that Quinn will have no further rejection to sharing bed with Carter again.

So maybe she will just move on from Eric while Eric is still crying for her. Which, to make a point, is very sad.

However, this will also make Eric see that his love for Quinn was just in vain? I mean yes Quinn loved Eric. But if she’s willing to sleep with the same man and move along after her marriage just ended, then Eric’s tears are just not necessary at all.

Moving on, Eric and Quinn both might end up with different partners. This will also seal Zoe Buckingham’s return for quite a while.

Not to mention that Carter is soon to turn into the villain if this keeps on going. Oh god, this is all so wild.

It’s also surprising that many fans support Quarter because they see the spark in Carter and Quinn that they never saw between Quinn and Eric.

So perhaps, whatever happens, happens for good?

Whatever, I am always up for some drama. And I know so are you. But do you have enough wine and popcorn for the upcoming week?

If not get it ready!

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