The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Fires Thomas- It’s Mental Asylum Or Nothing.

The Bold and The Beautiful’s Thomas Forrester has become crazier than ever with all his manipulations and schemes.

However, one thing that’s certainly happening at the end of the line is his secret getting revealed.

In fact, by the end, he will have done a lot of unspeakable things like ruining Brooke and Hope Logan’s life.

Not to mention, he will also have disturbed Douglas Forrester mentally if not devastated completely.

So before we dive deeper, what do you think the future holds for Thomas?

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Thomas’ Secret Revealed.

Getting into the spoilers, Douglas has already figured out about his daddy’s dirty works such as the CPS call and framing Brooke.

And sooner or later, Thomas’ secret is about to burst out no matter how hard he tries to cover it.

Whereas Ridge Forrester will be furious at his son for toying with his marriage and so much else.

Nevertheless, Thomas is spiraling out of control from his obsession with Hope.

And his future seems to be full of regrets.

Taylor Hayes may, however, try to convince Ridge that through some therapy, she can make her son better.

Although Steffy Forrester will be on the same page as Taylor, Ridge may give Thomas no other choice than to go to a psychiatric facility.

Moreover, Ridge will want his son straightened out without love or gentle caresses like he did in the past.

Thomas’ Last Resort.

In addition, Ridge may fire Thomas from his position as Hope For The Future’s lead designer.

Above all, Thomas won’t even remain an employee of Forrester Creations, as he gets stripped of everything.

Ridge might be so mad that he doesn’t want to do anything with his son anymore.

Similarly, he could also pressure Eric Forrester into asking Thomas to move out of his house.

Ridge may hate what Thomas did but he wants to get him help, that’s how parents are, after all, he really wants his son to become better.

But if they excuse him again this time, Thomas will never learn anything and will only get worse.

Ultimately, Thomas’ last resort may be an asylum, as he’s left with no other option than change himself from scratch.

Well, this will definitely put many fans on cloud nine, as Thomas pays for everything he’s done to ruin others’ lives.

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