The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Pries On Eric’s Personal Life – Paris In Huge Dilemma.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Ridge Forrester will put Justin Barber up with a task. Moreover, the task will be spying on Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton who are having a hard time fighting their desires.

Likewise, Paris Buckingham will also have a difficult time putting her fantasies to rest. Moreover, John Finnegan is attracting her like a magnet. So, Paris will be deciding if she wants to betray her boss, Steffy Forrester, or not.

Justin’s Mission.

Now, getting onto the spoilers, Ridge has been really curious as to why Eric Forrester hasn’t been himself since Quinn returned. And, the Forrester patriarch also has been keeping it hidden from everyone.

So, Ridge’s growing curiosity will make him figure things out himself. As we know, Bill Spencer’s ex-right hand, Justin pledged his loyalty to Ridge. But, he hasn’t been of any use since then.

Furthermore, Ridge will have a mission for Justin to prove his loyalty. And, it will be spying on Quinn and Carter. Also, we know, Justin is an expert in this field of work.

Therefore, Ridge can expect some shocking answers to come out of Justin’s investigation.

Nevertheless, Eric could be furious at his son for prying on his personal life despite telling him not to. But, Ridge will be doing all this as he cares about his father. So, maybe, this is a good thing after all.

Paris’ Conflicted Feelings.

On the other hand, Paris has been attracted to Finn ever since she saw him loving Steffy. And, it has really made her wonder if she was the one in Steffy’s place.

Likewise, Paris will fantasize about Finn doing things to her just like he does to Steffy. Moreover, she will be Finn’s wife in her imagination. But, she will suddenly come back to her senses and realize what she’s doing is wrong.

In addition, Paris would be betraying the person who let her have a place to stay. And, she will definitely not want to hurt Steffy. So, she will end up having conflicted feelings.

However, no one in the show has ever been able to fight their temptation. Just like Quarter gave in, Paris is bound to go for what she wants sooner or later.

Moreover, Paris will move out of the cliff house if she decides to steal Finn. Because she can’t obviously live in the same house with her rival, can she?

Do you think a war could brew up between Paris and Steffy regarding Finn? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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