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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Puts Justin To Work – Finn And Steffy Brawl.

Oh, it’s time The Bold and The Beautiful fans get to see Ridge Forrester in action. Moreover, he will be taking care of both Quarter and Sheila Carter’s drama soon enough. Also, a war is brewing between John Finnegan and Steffy Forrester.

Nevertheless, Eric Forrester will try to cover up for Quinn Fuller when Katie Logan pries on his marriage. Talking about which, Quinn and Carter Walton won’t be able to hold back anymore. So, the two will end up sleeping together once again.

Quinn Spied.

Now, getting onto the spoilers, Ridge has been curious to learn how his father’s marriage is going. Ever since Quinn returned, Eric hasn’t been acting like himself. And, Ridge will try to get to the bottom of it.

Nonetheless, Ridge may or may not be able to get Eric’s feelings out. So, he will decide to crack the case himself. And, he will do so by sending Justin Barber on a mission to spy on Quinn. That means fans can expect to see Justin return to his mastery of underhanded works.

Meanwhile, now that Eric has already allowed Quinn and Carter to do as they please, he will have to hide it from many people. One of them will be Katie who will ask how his marriage is going.

Likewise, Eric might just brush it off saying he is not feeling well. And, he will also cover up for Quinn as Katie doubts she could cheat with Carter again.

Sheila Arrested.

On the other hand, Finn and Steffy are relieved that they have solved their problem. Moreover, Ridge will also make sure Sheila gets the restraining order and won’t return again.

However, Sheila isn’t giving up so easily. Also, her anger over Steffy is growing for destroying her relationship with Finn. So, she will be up to something soon enough.

In addition, Sheila could be furious and show up at the cliff house. And, she could confront Steffy pouring her wraith over her. But, Steffy won’t hesitate to call the police and get her arrested for breaking the order.

Although Steffy might feel at ease, Finn will be furious for taking it to such extreme lengths. So, the two could end up in a huge fight while Sheila gets thrown in jail.

Likewise, do you think Finn could side with his birth mom once again? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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