The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Sleeps With Brooke- Cheats On Taylor After Big Revelation.

The Bold and The Beautiful’s Ridge Forrester has proven countless times that he’s never sure about his women.

Above all, he also can’t take any responsibility for hurting them and shifts to another when things get bad.

Now that he’s moved on so far with Taylor Hayes, it seems like the turning point is nearing once again.

That is, Ridge will soon realize his mistake and his temptation will push him to sleep with Brooke Logan.

Well, besides one more reason to hate Ridge, let’s see what the spoilers suggest, shall we?

Ridge Blames Thomas.

As we know, Ridge didn’t even bother to clear things out with Brooke before moving on with Taylor.

Even during the New Year’s Eve drama, he didn’t give Brooke a single chance to explain.

Nevertheless, he should have talked to Brooke first about the CPS call but he decided not to, which makes him as much of a culprit as Thomas Forrester.

However, once the CPS call secret is revealed, Ridge will find everyone else but himself to blame.

Likewise, he will try to get away with blaming Thomas for the CPS call as well as everything else.

Nonetheless, it’s too late to reverse things, as he has already moved on from Brooke.

Not to mention, he did it in the most ruthless way possible by sending Brooke annulment papers instead of divorce papers.

Bridge Is Back.

Hence, Ridge will have a hard time going back to Brooke despite the truth getting out.

Also, he may try to stick with Taylor but soon enough his temptation will win over him.

And as always, he won’t bear the responsibility for hurting Brooke but try to get her back.

That is, he will let his habit of shifting to another woman and finding an excuse drive him.

Consequently, without fixing a single thing, Ridge will create more trouble by hitting the sheets with Brooke.

Well, this is nothing unusual, as Ridge is always finding other women attractive right after getting married.

Fans better buckle up, as the upcoming storylines seem pretty messed up.

Also, when do you think will Taylor learn that her fresh new husband is already cheating on her?

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