The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge’s Betrayal Sends Taylor To Finn’s Arms.

Fans think that Taylor Hayes and John Finn can be a possibility because of how The Bold and The Beautiful has played its game over the years.

We know that exchanging partners in this soap opera is not that hard.

But we also know that incest of some sort has always been welcomed here as well.

For example, Brooke Logan sleeping with Deacon Sharpe when he was married to Briget Forrester.

And this isn’t even the tip of the ice berg.

With that being said, Taylor and John Finnegan have has a couple of scenes together, and we think it is possible for the writers to go that way.

I mean the last time when she was devastated and felt ruined for good, she turned to Rick Forrester.

Rick was a little too young for Taylor.

And it seems Taylor’s way of coping is by going after younger men to fill the hole in her heart.

Now, moving to Steffy Forrester, Steffydid sleep with Bill Spencer, Liam Spencer’s father.

So it seems that by the view in a soap series, Taylor and Finn sleeping together will not be a stretch.

Also, fans agree that if this happens, Finn would finally perhaps get a personality and not to forget he won’t be a background character anymore, he will have a storyline of his own.

If that does happen, what would you call their ship name?

Tayinn looks pretty good to me but Faylor seems the perfect one.

Because common, Faylor seems pretty close to the word failor and we don;t expect Taylor and Finn’s relationship ti succeed anyway, right?

So, that being said, would you see a storyline between Tatlor and Finn?

You know the writers might not really be thinking of that storyline for the time being.

But we have to admit, nothing is impossible for them.

Bradley Bell loves to play with the characters, and now that Steffy thinks her life couldn’t get better than this, it’s time to have some hurdle in her life. ‘Will Steffy still think that Taylor is a saint?

I mean the love Steffy has for her mother is nice but Steffy should learn to leave the individuals alone.

I mean if she hadn’t pushed Taylor and Ridge Forrester’s reunion so much, she would have never turned to Finn, right?

So, let us know what you think in the comments section.

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