The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Second Chance- Deacon and Taylor’s Romantic Bond Deepens After Ridge Heartbreak.

Taylor Hayes will be going through a very difficult time soon now that Thomas Forrester’s secret is about to get revealed.

When it does, she will be heartbroken and will certainly need someone to fill her lonely heart with warmth.

And we think it is the perfect time to bring Deacon Sharpe in the picture.

Taylor and Deacon almost had a thing for one another when the writers decided it is not what they want to pursue.

I have to admit, I really wanted to see how Taylor and Deacon’s chemistry would go like in the soap series. ‘

And when their romance was not pursued, I was kind if disappointed.

Also, can you imagine how Ridge will react once he finds out Deacon and Taylor are dating?

That man is a waffler, he just can’t keep it in his pants.

So he is certainly going to be jealous and very mad figuring out Taylor and Deacon are together romantically.

Taylor will certainly be done with Ridge now that she is really at the edge.

Given Ridge’s history with Deacon she told him that they can’t even be seen together.

But if Ridge is just going to betray her and break his promise anyway, why does she even need to think about his opinion?

Karma Strikes.

It seems possible that Taylor and Deacon will form a bond after Ridge Forrester’s betrayal.

Which will also push Taylor into Deacon’s orbit a little too deep.

And she may be the one to find out about Sheila Carter’s existence in Deacon’s home.

Sadly though, if Taylor really starts growing feelings for Deacon only to find out he is harboring a fugitive her heart is going to be broken into pieces.

Regardless, seeing Taylor and Deacon together will be a great deal.

Deacon has a history that many people don’t like, including her daughter.

And certainly, Taylor dating Deacon will be a big problem not just for Ridge but a lot of other people as well.

And considering how Sheila and Taylor’s friendship ended the last time, this romantic issue could become a lot more.

Poor Deacon though, he might never have any stable relationship like ever anymore.

But it’s on him because he’s the one who’s slow dancing with a fugitive.

Nonetheless, let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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