The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Disguises As Taylor- Car Crash Brings Evil Luck.

We keep on hearing something great is about to happen in The Bold and The Beautiful, but nothing much happens.

But there’s a theory I’d like to discuss with you, so buckle up cause we’re going in for a ride.

It seems like the perfect time for Sheila Carter to disguise someone because a lot is going on in the show.

And given everything that we know of, it is possible that she will replace Taylor Hayes for a while.

Sheila’s quite into disguises which means she may be able to semi-permanently change her face into Taylor.

We know that Sheila is in love with Deacon Shar[e or at least she is obsessed with him.

At the same time, if it does happen, it makes sense for Brooke Logan and Taylor to have given up on Ridge Forrester.

No one’s going to be suspicious if Taylor doesn’t pay much attention to Ridge anymore because she’s literally over the moon for letting go of a man who’s always giving her pain.

And Taylor and Deacon had some kind of apart right before Aspen which means there is a possibility for Taylor and Deacon to happen again.

Deacon just needs a woman at this point. preferably Brooke but if not, he’s fine with Taylor or even Sheila.

So, Taylor might start dating Deacon which will come as a surprise but it is actually not Taylor but Sheila.

Tough Move.

According to the spoilers, Sheila will be in a car chase with the cops in the coming days which means she might get into a big accident in the aftermath.

After the accident, it is possible for Sheila to escape and undergo some surgery to look like Taylor.

As for Taylor, the real one, Sheila can easily kidnmap her and get to work.

Honestly,l anything is possible in a soap series, especially The Bold and The Beautiful.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happened.

Not even if Sheila changes back to herself with some surgery again.

It will be something fun to watch.

And definitely, an unforeseen change that will change the fates of a lot of B&B characters.

As for Deacon, he may or may not know about “Taylor’s” real appearance; anything will be fin.

So, let us know what you think about the spoilers in the comments section.

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