The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila's Last Resort- Steffy Get A Blow To The Head.
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Knocks Steffy Unconcious- Getwy Plan Gone Wrong.

Now that Sheila Carter and Steffy Forrester’s life have started entangling, it won’t go down just like that.

Which means, Steffy will have to keep on bumping into Sheila over and over again.

The poor woman might get a heart attack at this point.

As per the spoilers, it looks like Steffy will be conscious in the coming days, even after encountering Sheila.

Which, by the way seems a little suspicious to me.

I mean, how come Sheila escapes without Steffy putting up a fight?

Someone is bound to notice the ordeal.

But the bottom line is Sheila is going to escape, for now.

Yet it is possible that she will knock Steffy out before running away.

The two of them are at Il Giardino in the current state, which means there is no way she can kidnap anyone or shoot and drag their body away.

Quick Run.

Steffy’s recognized her, which means she certainly has no time to think about an escape plan.

We all know that this means Sheila is going to panic, and we also know what she does best when she’s panicking.

Remember how Sheila was ready to stab Hope Logan with a scissor when she bumped into Sheila in disguise?

We know that she would have stabbed her if Deacon Sharpe had not arrived in time.

So why would she just stand by and watch her enemy detail her life when she even left her own son to die to keep her freedom?

It’s possible that Sheila will grab anything that she can find, maybe even her luggage and give it her all to strike Steffy down.

If it were any other day, place, or time, we know Sheila would make sure to get rid of Steffy. ‘But since she’s running behind time, she will need to just let Steffy be knocked out and make a run for it.

All Sheila needs is a couple of minutes more before Steffy calls the cops or gets conscious.

Nonetheless, she has a grim chance of escaping without having people all over looking for her.

This also means she may go straight to Deacon Sharpe’s place again but Sheila’s a little smarter than that.

So, she may knock out Steffy just enough to buy her some time to escape.

What are your thoughts?

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