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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Plots Fake Affair Between Liam and Steffy.

Sheila Carter took the rest she needed and now she is ready to strip Steffy Forrester from everything she’s owned. Sheila knows that if Jhon Finnegan only gets an idea that his wife might be cheating on him. It’s game over.

Well, Sheila knows that with Steffy in the picture, there’s no way she can reconnect with Finn and baby Hayes. Hence, there’s going to be another showdown between Steffy and Sheila sometime soon again.

When Sheila pops up in front of Steffy, Steffy is certain to burst out like never before. So, Finn might wonder what his mom did wrong as Steffy burst out on her just by looking at her face.

Hence, Sheila will look for the best way to rip Steffy’s life into pieces. And we all know that Sheila is very smart. So, she will know what can break Steffy and Finn’s marriage.

Yes, it’s Liam.

The Ultimate Revenge!

The villain will first pry into Paris Buckingham’s life. She’ll know Paris is smitten by Finn. So, with some buttery words, Sheila will find some deets about Steffy and Liam Forrester’s recent hookup.

And all the paternity drama that went down. So, she will set a trap for Steffy. At first, Paris will argue that Finn and Steffy are only having a small fallout.

But they are one strong couple. But something she says will give an evil idea to ruin Steffy.

There’s in no way Sheila can tolerate Steffy’s wrath every day. And she can’t win Steffy over. And it’s a fact that Finn loves Steffy way too much to let her go just for nothing.

Sheila can’t think of possibly killing Steffy off. Because that will only make it harder for her no matter how great Sheila’s plan is.

So, the only thing Sheila can do now is turn Finn against Steffy. Anyway, she might think that Liam and Steffy’s affair could turn Finn against his wife and lose all trust over her.

And even if they don’t hook up or have an affair for real. She can always set them up. And Sheila is the best when it comes to framing people.

And this way Sheila will make sure that she has no other help. Hope will certainly loathe Steffy after that. Liam’s support will mean nothing if he has no one to back him up. Brooke Logan will try to ruin Steffy’s world for stabbing her daughter again.

And Thomas and Ridge Forrester will not be able to help Steffy. So, Steffy is doomed.

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