The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Starts Attacking- Determined To Take Enemies Down.

Sheila Carter may start a random attack spree here and there to take revenge on the ones she despises.

It is possible for Sheila to get so mad now that her own son’s trying to bury her six feet under, she may think revenge is the best option.

After all, she really doesn’t need a reason to go ballistic.

Anyway, we have no idea where Sheila’s staying or what she’s up to.

There’s a chance she’s not even in LA anymore, but for some reason, she may be following the rule of keeping your enemies closer.

Hence, on a random night, Sheila may start hurting someone, perhaps stabbing the person or shooting her enemies, but all of them seem a little riskier.

Sheila’s the best at playing tricks.

So perhaps, she will find a way to add some liquids to someone’s drinks again, or start an arson, kidnap Hayes Finnegan, and hit Steffy Forrester on the head.

You know everything that she’s capable of.

It won’t come as a surprise if Sheila starts attacking people starting with either Brooke Logan or Steffy Forrester.

Talking about Brooke, Sheila’s quite obsessed with Deacon Sharpe too but now that she’s gone, Deacon may pursue Brooke again.

Which is enough to set Sheila off.

Sheila may even harm her son on purpose this time.

Ruthless Villainess.

Anyway, though, it is possible that Sheila will start harming people fatally one by one from the soap series and while everyone will be confused as to how it’s happening.

One thing is for sure; we’ll all know who is the one behind it.

Unless to cover her tracks, Sheila starts harming other normal people as well.

She’s certainly not going to get caught until someone from the show does.

It seems that the cops and detectives in this show really are useless.

Nonetheless, if Sheila does start harming people to get a good laugh out of it, she may not have any compassion in herself.

Now she really has nothing to lose.

And a woman like Sheila, who feels trapped, will do anything it takes to take revenge.

Will someone die in the process causing an untimely departure?

It may seem possible, so who may leave B&B, possibly Deacon or Taylor in my opinion?

What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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