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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Sinn Breaks Lope Which Destroys Wyatt And Flo’s Marriage?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, it’s been some time since Wyatt Spencer and Flo Logan got engaged. But, it seems like their marriage might not even take place as Liam Spencer could break it.

Likewise, John Finnegan and Steffy Forrester’s relationship is on the verge of breaking. But before we dive deeper, do you think Sinn breaking could affect Wyatt’s future plans? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Justin’s Prediction.

Going back to Wyatt’s past, he has been married to Liam’s current wife, Hope Logan. Also, he has kissed Steffy but not much came out of it. Moreover, Steffy was all about Liam back then.

Nevertheless, Flo has been the perfect match for Wyatt ever since their love story started. Flo has loved Wyatt for a long time and has always been committed to him. And, she was also Wyatt’s high school sweetheart which has made their bond stronger.

Likewise, fans have been really excited about Wyatt and Flo’s wedding. But, if we look back when Justin Barber was busted, he mentioned that Wyatt isn’t cut for something like this. And, that makes us believe something’s bound to happen soon enough and destroy the wedding.

In addition, their wedding is taking too long and the show might be planning something regarding it. Meanwhile, Sinn has already gotten married and is about to break up.

Chain Of Break Ups.

Nonetheless, if Steffy and Finn break up, it’s possible that could affect Wyatt and Flo’s relationship. As we know, Steffy tends to rely on Liam whenever difficult times approach her. And, it was hard for Finn to get over this habit of his wife.

Hence, Steffy could once again rely on Liam and embrace him if things get rough. And we know, Liam is the same when it comes to Steffy. He has betrayed Hope in the past and could do it again.

Likewise, Hope could end up alone and need someone to rely on. So, what are the odds her ex-husband could save the day? While Steffy and Liam mingle, it’s possible Hope does the same with Wyatt.

Is this why Wyatt and Flo’s wedding is taking so long? Could this be why the show held back their love from growing? Anyway, the fans can expect some huge shocker to pop up soon enough.

Also, it’ll be really exciting to see who Flo chooses if things turn out this way.

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