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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Something’s Fishy About Vinny’s Su!C!D3.

Is it just me, or have you guys too been smelling something fishy about Vinny Walker’s death all this time? Something just doesn’t add up.

First thing’s first, yes Thomas Forrester and Vinny were great friends. But I reckon that he was willing to just take his life in order to make Thomas happy.

Vinny was also guilty of switching the paternity taste and almost getting Thomas in trouble. So yes he was guilty. But I don’t think he would just jump in front of Liam Spencer’s car to just frame him.

And the underlying question remains. Is Vinny really dead? And even if Vinny did take his own life, I believe there’s more to it than just trying to make Thomas happy with Hope Logan.

Vinny Has Something Else Planned?

Okay so, I guess it’s not just me contemplating on Vinny death at this point, right? What if, Vinny isn’t dead?

As you know, in The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers, it’s been saying that Liam and Bill Spencer are getting freed. But if the show want the situation to be anything logical, they will still not be freed even with the evidence.

Because it’s clear that they covered up a hit and run. However, if they are about to get freed, this means that the son and father have committed no crime at all. Meaning, Vinny isn’t dead.

This leads us to another question, who might be Vinny’s pal? And why did they help Vinny fake his own death?

Furthermore, bring this thing all the way back to Steffy Forrester’s life. We all know we have not seen a man as clean as Finn in B&B.

Moving on, it seems like Finn has some shady past to uncover. We’ve been talking about it for some time.

With that all being said, did Finn know Vinny? We’re they in this together? Given that he might be the one to find Vinny’s body in the morgue?

Also another possibility why this could concern Finn’s life is that things have been way too smooth for the couple.

And not to mention that everything is possible in a soap opera. So, do you think Finn could have helped Vinny fake his death?

Maybe the iffy past Finn holds has some connection with Vinny. Otherwise, why would he do that?

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