Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy And Hope’s New Goal.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan wanting to reach a similar goal without knowing.

Both of the ladies are worried about Liam Spencer’s future. Especially the kids. However, they don’t want him to lose hope.

The today’s episode, we will witness Steffy visiting Liam and reconnecting a little. She’ll worry that Liam won’t be able to see more of Kelly’s childhood anyone.

But she’ll also assure him that no matter where fate takes them, the two of them will always be linked.

Elsewhere, while Hope Logan is busy trying whatever she can to get Liam out of the jail, she gets a news. She hears about Liam’s request made to Thomas Forrester. And there’s where she decides her new goal.

Furthermore, Hope also makes her way to the prison. Likewise, she asks Liam to be positive. As she believe optimism can lead to better end. But Liam insists that being locked up only gives him negative “what ifs.”

Meanwhile, Steffy is kind of furious thinking how Bill Spencer messed everything up for Liam. And as Liam pleads that this was never what he intended. And that Vinny Walker’s death was nothing but an accident, Steffy assures him that she believes in Liam.

Anyway, for now, both the ladies provide encouragement to Liam. The possibility of Liam escaping the penalty if his wrongdoing stands on a piece of thread. But, this is how things should be for now.

Will Hope reach her goal and make Liam see the importance of positivity?

All of those connected to Vinny’s death directly or indirectly are hanging by a thread. Optimism surely isn’t easy. But they will make it until they don’t stop hoping.

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