The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Faces Finn’s Fate- K1lled Off In A Violent Rage.

Bill Spencer and Sheila Carter are two evil characters in the show.

Unfortunately for the people of LA, especially the Logans, Forresters, and Spencers, both of them have started their rampage together.

We know Sheila is a ruthless evil woman.

But Bill’s not all that great either.

When he’s involved in some kind of evil plan with ill intentions, the outcome’s always bad.

Sheila and Steffy have a history of long-term rivalry, while she and Bilolnwere kind of a thing in the past.

So, it is easily possible for Steffy to get entangled not only with Sheila but also with Bill.

Since Sheila’s is roaming out in the open, we are sure that someone has to pay.

Last time, it was John Finnegan who knocked on death’s door and surprisingly came back unharmed, at least not as much as we’d think.

It only took him a couple of weeks to get better and start running.

Nevertheless, this time, it may be Steffy’d turn.

After all, Sheila wanted to kill Steffy back then as well.

But unfortunately, Steffy only suffered minimal damage while Finn was literally brain-dead.

Sheila holds Steffy responsible for that, even though it was actually her who pulled the trigger.

Just because she’s on the run right now doesn’t mean she will forget the idea of having a relationship with her son and grandson.

Sheila’s never going to give up that easily, especially after going through so much.

‘STILL Returns.

As for Bill, it can be possible for Steffy to fall in him arms nor bed and repeat a mistake.

It’s always possible for Finn to get badly injured, and we know soap characters normally like to bang one another in time of distress.

So, it is possible for Steffy to fall into Bill’s bed and pay a hefty price for her mistake.

He is so obsessed with Katie Logan that he may think he needs to get rid of Steffy if he wants Katie back in his life.

And hence, he may start planning to kill Steffy for his own selfish reasons.

Anyway, let us know who do you think will kill Steffy off?

And what if Steffy really dies and does not reprise her role in the soap?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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