The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Fights Hope For Douglas’ Custody.

Putting all of The Bold and The Beautiful’s adult dramas aside, let’s talk about Douglas Forrester’s future.

Thomas Forrester has gone all out and proven he belongs to the list of the worst fathers ever.

And sooner or later, Thomas will have to give up Douglas, as he won’t have any right to keep the kid.

Likewise, spoilers suggest Hope Logan will step in to take back her son.

However, Steffy Forrester will fight back, insisting Douglas is a Forrester who belongs with his real family.

Ultimately, Hope and Steffy will fight for Douglas’ custody, as Thomas’ evil deeds get revealed.

Steffy’s Only Hope.

Starting with Steffy, her happiness has skyrocketed ever since Ridge Forrester passed the annulment papers to Brooke Logan.

Further, she has been in a delusion that her parents’ reunion is all because of their true love.

But little does she know, it was Thomas who pulled the strings, whose truth will eventually destroy her world.

Moreover, all of her expectations will become huge disappointments once Thomas’ secret blows right up in her face.

For instance, Brooke Logan will win Ridge back and Douglas will be taken away from Thomas.

Not to mention, Steffy isn’t aware of the danger Sheila Carter is yet to strike at her family.

Having a lot on the losing side, Steffy may think that Douglas is the only thing that she can keep.

Consequently, Steffy won’t be able to help but feel like the Logans have once again snatched everything from her.

Custody Battle Restarts.

In the same way, she won’t be able to see Hope have a growing Forrester with her.

So, there’s a high possibility Steffy may fight for Douglas’ custody with Hope.

Well, Thomas is sure to get stripped of all the rights to keep Douglas once his deed is revealed.

Hence, Hope will also be looking forward to adopting Douglas once and for all.

But, Steffy may not want that to happen and claim that Douglas’ immediate relatives are still alive.

Therefore, it doesn’t seem like Hope will be able to snatch the little kid without defeating Steffy first.

Nevertheless, it’s going to be a fierce fight between these two fierce women.

So, who do you think might end up winning Douglas’ custody?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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