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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Gives Birth – Fans Are Conflicted?

The Bold and The Beautiful fans clearly know who Steffy Forrester is. Moreover, actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood recently received her second Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performance By A Lead Actress In A Drama Series.

Today, we will be talking about Wood’s character in the show which fans have grown to love so much after being debut in 2016.

Steffy Turns Baby Birth Into Something Else?

We know, Steffy had been pregnant with John Finnegan’s baby. And, her water broke just recently causing the midwife Joanne to return.

Likewise, Joanne’s first appearance on the show was when Caroline Spencer gave birth to Douglas Forrester. Although the same thing is happening again, many fans feel that Caroline’s water birth was family-friendly but Steffy’s is not.

In addition, Steffy and Finn surely do know how to turn even childbirth into a sexual moment. Moreover, Steffy was intimate even in the pool while Caroline showed a mother’s experience while giving birth.

On the other hand, Ridge Forrester had stayed out of the pool most of the time. But, Finn was mostly in and even took his shirt off.

Nevertheless, Steffy and Finn’s daughter will be named after grandmother, Taylor Hayes. And, the baby’s name will be Hayes Finnegan. Also, fans know this is something the show has been doing for decades.

Likewise, Caroline’s baby was named Douglas after his great-grandmother Stephanie Douglas.

Characters Present During The Event.

Moreover, Finn’s parents were also introduced during the celebration. And, Ted King portrayed his father, Jack while Naomi Matsuda played mother, Li. However, they didn’t like their daughter-in-law much.

On the other hand, Ridge Forrester would be there for Steffy. But, fans had also expected Taylor to be present. And, it would have been a great showdown if she protected her daughter from Finn’s parents.

There are so many people that could have been present during the birth. I mean, Liam Spencer could have been there. He was believed to be the baby’s father until Vinny Walker confessed he had tampered with the paternity test.

Also, Thomas Forrester would have loved to meet his nephew. However, he is busy fighting Justin Barber after getting locked in a cage.

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