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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Makes Shocking Choice Between Finn And Liam?

The Bold and The Beautiful fans better prepare yourselves as Steffy Forrester might make a shocking decision soon. Meanwhile, Bill Spencer will be cutting ties with Justin Barber and even fire him from his job.

As we know, Steffy recently gave birth to Hayes. And, the fans were able to see many faces during the celebration. Also, John Finnegan’s parents, Jack and Li Finnegan even arrived in the town to celebrate their grandchild’s birth.

However, Liam Spencer, the person Steffy had slept once with, wasn’t present. Moreover, Liam was languishing behinds bars and it seems like Finn hasn’t gotten over it.

Finn’s Threat.

Likewise, the spoilers suggest Liam will visit Finn’s house to meet Hayes. But, Finn won’t be pleased to see Liam. Also, he will tell Liam that he better get out of his house as he doesn’t want him there.

Nevertheless, this will be happening when Steffy isn’t around. So, what could happen if Steffy finds it out?

Before we dive deeper, let us know what do you think Steffy might do? Comment down below.

Now, it’s possible that Steffy could have a change of heart. Moreover, she could get back to choosing between Finn and Liam.

As we know, Steffy hasn’t completely gotten over Liam. So, if Finn is going to threaten Liam or do something unpleasant, Steffy will reconsider her man.

Justin’s Enemy Now.

On the other hand, Thomas Forrester revealed what Justin Barber had done to him when Bill was behind bars. Moreover, he tells Bill that Justin was the one who stopped him from doing anything and destroyed the evidence.

Although Bill doesn’t believe Thomas at first, Justin arrives and speaks the truth. And, Bill learns that his right-hand man is loyal to him no more. So, fans can expect to see some confrontations and even some punches thrown towards each other.

In addition, Bill takes away Justin’s job at the company and declares they are no longer buddies. And, it also seems like Justin has more to hurt Bill with. However, only time can tell what he will be up to.

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