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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Reconsiders Her Marriage With Finn?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy Forrester will feel something. Moreover, she will find that John Finnegan is still a stranger to her. So, what could this mean for their future?

As we know, Steffy recently gave birth to their baby, Hayes. Also, the two go long way back and have gone through many things together. So, why would Steffy feel something like this?

When Steffy found out she was pregnant, she prayed that the baby was Finn’s and not Liam Spencer’s. And when the truth came out, she was filled with joy.

Likewise, during the baby delivery, Steffy and Finn both were in the pool making it an erotic scene. And, she didn’t have any apprehensive thoughts till that.

Steffy Is Stunned.

However, as the spoilers suggest, Steffy has a change of heart right when Finn pulls out a wedding ring. Also, the two are sitting on the couch and say the words that are said during a marriage ceremony.

In addition, the thoughts start with who is the man who just proposed to her. It seems like Steffy has these thoughts as Finn never talked about his depths. Also, she has never met Finn’s parents which could be making her feel something like that.

Do you think Finn should tell her more about himself? Comment down to let us know your thoughts.

Sneaky Relationship.

On the other hand, it seems like Quinn Forrester will arrive at Carter Walton’s apartment. And, she will find her own portrait that used to hand in the Forrester mansion.

Nevertheless, Quinn can see that Carter has feelings for her. Even when Eric Forrester told Carter to throw it or burn it, he didn’t do so. And, the spoilers suggest the two will be falling in bed again.

Since both of them lost their partners, nothing makes them feel guilty. So, the two will be keeping their relationship a secret once again. And, Eric Forrester might be shocked and hurt more if he finds out the two are sleeping together.

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