The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Warns Thomas- Carter Overhears The Conversation.

Steffy Forrester is soon going to learn about Thomas Forrester’s deed.

She certainly will not be happy about it, and she might claim that their parents’ wedding is already in jeopardy, all thanks to him.

Moving on, Steffy will really be enraged with her brother, but Thomas is bound to claim that even she likes the way things are now.

Not to mention, it was going to happen anyway all he did was give the process a push.

Otherwise, they don’t know how long Rdge Forrester would have taken to prepare his mind.

In the same way, while Steffy may agree that whatever happened, happened for good, she will also not agree to Thomas’ way of speeding things up.

Because we know that Ridge can’t stand Brooke as a victim.

Not to mention, Brooke will find this as a way of letting people know that Thomas is insane, he’s ruined her marriage now he is moving to Hope Logan’s.

Steffy certainly will have numerous worries on her mind.

Whatever the case, she will have to stay quiet about it for tons of reasons.

Surprising Reveal.

Anyway, so, as Steffy wants Thomas to stay away from any shady behavior, just like the one he did before by calling the CPS on himself and framing Brooke for it.

Carter Walton will walk by and listen to this crazy revelation.

It is always possible that Carter gets to hear the bits and pieces only.

This will give him some view of how Thomas is involved in Bridge’s tragic end.

Or, he can always listen to the whole thing.

Whatever the case, Carter will certainly be stunned, so he might try to tell Katie Logan of the situation.

He certainly won’t want to be wrong.

And now that Taylor Hayes and Ridge are about to get married, he may as well think it is best for everyone if they move on.

But Brooke has all the rights in the world to know what exactly happened and who framed her.

So, Carter will have to make a difficult choice.

On the one hand, his friend Ridge is happy and getting married.

On the other hand, his girlfriend’s sister is mourning for the loss of a marriage.

What do you think will Carter Decide to do?

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