The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor And Brooke Flip Their Next Chapters With Unbelievable Romantic Partners.

One question that’s crawling inside all of The Bold and The Beautiful fans is what’s waiting next for Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes.

Certainly, it was fun seeing the two women cherish their freedom from Ridge Forrester.

Also, we are soon going to find out whether these women chowing down a cake was just a dream sequence or not.

But most importantly, we will also talk about what Brooke and Taylor’s futures hold.

Perhaps these women will be granted new charming princes of their lives.

If so, who might they be?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

And, move toward today’s exciting topic.

A Cutesy Reunion.

We all were shocked to see how Brooke and Taylor went along together after their massive heartbreaks.

Since both of them have been through the same thing in the past already, it’s quite fun to see some new changes, such as them holding hands while walking out.

And, we can all agree that high-fiving was one of the cutest B&B moments ever.

Not to mention, seeing Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan assume a food fight has taken place between their moms was quite funny.

But enough of that now, as we need to focus on Brooke and Taylor’s next chapters of their lives.

Because above all, it seems like Taylor and Deacon Sharpe might be a good match.

Whereas Jack Finnegan, on the other hand, might just be waiting for another woman to make the queen of his life.

New Love Storylines.

As we know, Taylor and Deacon proved to be quite a dynamic duo when she returned after a long time.

And soon, it would be amusing to see the two work on their relationship and explore each other’s interests.

However, it could all blow up when the truth comes out that Deacon helped the show’s biggest villain, Sheila Carter, fake her death and keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, Brooke could jump into Jack’s life, as they restart their lives.

But, fans can always expect more drama to take place, as their alter egos have it difficult to find a place to fit in.

And most importantly, it would be fun to see the women start new chapters of their lives rather than ending up with no storylines.

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