The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor’s Wedding Dress Surprise- Thomas’ Fierce Threat To Douglas.

Things are finally coming in place for Taylor Hayes and her family.

The way she views it, sh is the luckiest woman to belive right now.

But the way I do, no one’s unluckier than her.

Anyway so, to begin with, we will see Thomas Forrester still warning Douglas Forrester to delete the voice changer app.

But Douglas does not listen no matter what.

So, Thomas is going to lash out to the young boy.

But the wheels may have already started turning because Donna Logan too witnessed this irrational burting out Thomas had for the voice changer app.

Nonetheless, in the upcoming episode, Thomas will still be hung up on Douglas for not obeying him.


Now, furthermore, we will see Brooke Logan dwelling on her sadness.

The tears in her eyes aren’t even dry yet, heck the ink on the annulment paper isn’t even dry yet.

But Ridge Forrester has already moved on so far away from her.

Ridge will be seen preparing for a future with Taylor.

So, we will witness the man getting on his knees and asking Taylor to marry him.

But along with the ring, Ridge has prepared another surprise for Taylor.

History repeats again as Ridge reveals a stunning wedding dress for Taylor that he made himself.

Now the only thing to do s pray that the wedding dress does not bring evil fortune same SL had very long tome ago.

Anyway, Brooke will see it as being immature hw fast Taylor and Ridge are moving on.

She will be even more heartbroken when one of these days, Ridge will come to check up on her and throw salt at her wound by the wedding revalation.

But for the time being, she will have to deal with the heartbreak alone.

Well, not so alone because Bill Spencer is certainly going to pop up once or twice right?

Also, Thomas will keep on pressuring Douglas into deleting the app which will not sit well with Donna.

It will be a big bummer if Douglas finds out the secret in the days to come.

And to out surprise, Douglas may be the one to reveal the evil deeds of his father from the voice-changing app.

So buckle up because we are in for a big ride.

And also let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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