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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: The Moment Has Finally Come.

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers reveal that Tuesday is the day that everyone hears about this wild Vinny Walker story.

Let me just put it out there, it’s true that Vinny committed a suicide. But it’s also true that Liam Spencer and Dollar Bill covered up the hit and run case.

So although Liam’s innocence is proven, how could it be that they’re released without any punishment? I don’t know man soaps are just confusing.

Anyway so, today’s episode will bring joy to Lope fans. Hope Logan is seen running dramatically to her hubby’s van.

Like any other dramatic shows, she stops the vehicle and Tells her husband that he can come home with her now.

Soon enough Liam hears all the story about Vinny’s scheme from the dead. Anyway, after that he will also have a look at the video.

And for obvious reasons, Liam can’t believe to what extent Vinny was willing to go to frame him. However, they have a wonderful reunion.

And Hope and Liam will find a space to celebrate this freedom.

Carter’s Dilemma.

After Liam’s case comes heartbroken Eric Forrester. But also a vengeful Eric. As you all already know due to all of our announcements, Eric is planning to make Carter Walton his representative during the divorce procedure.

On one hand, he can’t stand seeing Carter. On the other, he can’t lose such a talent from his corporation.

While Lope is warming their hearts and bodies, Eric will make Carter cold soul and feet. Moreover, we will also see Carter chime in and tell that this situation might get really awkward.

But, Eric couldn’t care less. So, Eric will tell Carter that he owes him one.

And to make matter worse, angry Eric, as mentioned already, steps up and hands Quinn Fuller’s portrait to Carter.

Well, it looks like Quinn is certainly erased from the Forrester mansion, but soon enough she’ll also be erased from Eric’s heart.

Last but not the least, as Hope and Liam talk, Liam will be really shocked as to how Hope set him free so easily.

There he will know that Thomas is the real hero. And although Vinny did all this so that Thomas could be with Hope. He decided to help free Liam instead.

While hand in hand, they will also have a talk about Justin Barber. And all the evil scheme that he’s been plotting.

There’s no way out for the evil now.

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