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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: There’s No Where Justin Can Run Now.

Justin Barber is an incredible lawyer. But his work is kind of sloppy when it comes to being the villain. Obviously, kidnapping Thomas Forrester was never his intention. But things turned out this way anyway.

Speaking of which, if he could plan all of this in no time, why could he not think of a valid reason on Thomas’s disappearance. I mean he is a successful lawyer after all who has did the dirty for Bill Spencer.

His sloppy act of work is getting him in trouble. We all know how Hope Logan is to follow the backstabber and find Thomas locked up in a cage.

Above, Ridge Forrester isn’t having anything that Justin is saying. He knows that Justin was the last person Thomas saw and also that Justin is the key to finding Thomas.

As he demands answer there’s Hope struggling to free Thomas down in the basement.

Justin Has a Throne To Keep!

Nevertheless, there’s in no way Justin will cave in. Ridge’s wrath was something seen. He’s lost his son Justin might have already predicted this way.

However, what he doesn’t know is that Wyatt Spencer id onto Justin as well. Justin just always gives sloppy reasons on how Bill and Liam can’t be freed even on bail. Or even something like just be patient.

So, a furious Ridge on Justin’s face. Terrified but very curious and furious Hope below him, and suspicious Wyatt beside Justin.

Justin’s flexed muscles can’t save him anymore. However, I personally don’t also think that Justin’s mask will come off yet.

According to soap opera history, this is too early. But since three people are up Justin’s nose now, we know that Justin has more to sweat.

But do let us know what you think down in the comments.

And not to forget that if Hope frees Thomas in time, Justin is doomed. They might work on a plan to take that man down for good first.

But he certainly has nowhere to run.

Wyatt on the other hand, he’s done being patience. As we know, Spencers don’t wear the suit of patience.

Anyway, let’s just wait and see what’s to come next. It seems like July 7th’s episode has so much award winning drama to give us. I just can’t wait.

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