The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Blows Up After CPS Revelation- Douglas Gets Hurt.

Thomas Forrester wants Douglas Forrester to delete the app so that there’s no evidence left about him being the one to call CPS on himself.

But Douglas is just a young boy and he likes to play around.

Although Thomas may claim that children should listen to their fathers, Douglas may think that he can sneak the voice changer app and play with it for a while longer.

But once Thomas sees the app again, he is going to blow out.

Or who knows?

Perhaps, Thomas will pay less attention to Douglas and may believe there is no existing evidence of him calling the CPS.

But, to his dismay, that recording gets played in front of everyone or just his sister Steffy Forrester.

Regardless whether he finds the app himself or has his cover blown, Thomas will hate Douglas for disobeying him.

In fact, Thomas may get so worked up that he may even get close to hitting the poor child.

History Repeats.

Thomas has been abusive to Douglas before.

Perhaps not so much physically than mentally but his obsession and dark side is growing back again.

Which means Douglas is still in very danger when with Thoma.

With that being said, might it be that Thomas will lose his temper and hit Douglas making him hurt physically?

It is possible for sure.

What will happen to Douglas’ custody, then?

Also, let’s not forget that if Thomas really goes that deep down, he will not be redeemable.

Anyway, the bottom line is the voice change app will really set Thomas off.

And not to mention, Thomas won’t even have to get exposed for his anger to just pop off and harm his son.

He claims to have been a better father but we all know Thomas is actually eyeing Hope.

That man may have wanted to be with his son some time ago, but not anymore.

So, he won’t care if Douglas gets hurt in the process anyway.

So, do you think Thomas is capable of physically hurting Douglas?

We know that Hope will not let Douglas stay in that place with Thomas if he ever does anything to the kid.

So, Thomas may try to play it cool.

But words are as hurtful as hands if not more.

So, the poor kid may once again be in for a big ride.

So, let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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