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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Brings Evidence Using Cloud – Liam Is Free!

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest that Thomas Forrester will really be a hero. Meanwhile, Liam Spencer can finally get feel the fresh air as he will be getting out of prison.

Thomas Reveals To Baker.

As we know, Liam has been rotting in jail despite not actually being responsible for Vinny Walker’s death. On the other hand, Bill Spencer has been banging his head on the prison wall because Justin Barber wasn’t doing anything to save him.

However, it seems like the two will be getting out soon as Hope Logan rescues Thomas Forrester. As we know, Justin had captivated Thomas in a cage destroying the evidence he had brought with him.

Likewise, Thomas gets really happy to see Hope, someone who will listen to him about his best pal’s death. Also, he can finally rant about what Justin is up to.

Nevertheless, Justin and Hope rush towards Deputy Chief Bradley Baker afterward. Although Justin had deleted the evidence, Thomas pulls them right back using cloud storage service. And after insisting Baker listen to them, he believes that Liam is innocent.

Liam And Hope Reunite.

But, Liam and Hope can’t reunite as Liam is already on his way to the big boy prison. Moreover, we know Baker couldn’t keep him in the temporary prison forever so he transferred Liam.

Like soaps, instead of making a single call and bring back Liam, Hope runs her way to spot the vehicle he is being taken in. And, the spoilers suggest they will finally get to embrace each other.

As we know, Brooke Logan and Liam were the biggest naysayers when Thomas had said he had changed. Even Hope hadn’t believed in Thomas as her mother only had ill feelings toward him. However, she finds out that Brooke was wrong as Thomas went to such extents to help Liam and Hope reunite.

In addition, Liam will show his gratitude and respect to Hope for freeing him. But, he will be shocked when Hope tells him it was Thomas who went through such difficulties to get him free.

This proves that Thomas isn’t trying to take Hope for himself and makes him a hero.

Had you believed in Thomas when he said he had changed? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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