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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Finally Tracked – Bill Takes Justin Down?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Justin Barber might fall back to reality soon. As we know, Justin took the throne at Spencer Publication after Bill and Liam Spencer got arrested for Vinny Walker’s hit-and-run case.

Although Justin has been on cloud nine seeing Bill languish behind bars, it seems like his reign will fall soon. Moreover, he also captivated Thomas Forrester, who had come and put all the evidence in his hands.

In addition, the evidence clears out that Vinny had committed suicide and Liam deserves to get free. But, Justin can’t do so as the Spencer boys’ freedom means he loses the position that he has right now.

Before we dive deeper, who do you think will play a key role in taking down Justin? Let us know what you think down in the comment section.

Thomas’ Whereabout Located?

Nevertheless, the spoilers suggest Hope Logan has got worried as Thomas Forrester went missing right after he promised to be by her side. At the exact moment, Justin lies to her that Thomas left L.A.

But, Hope knows that Thomas would have announced his leave. Moreover, she believes Thomas would have at least told her as he really cares for the kids. Also, Hope notices that Justin has been acting strange lately.

Therefore, Hope might spy on Justin and lead herself right where he has been holding Thomas. Also, she could ask Ridge Forrester for help as he knows Justin was the last person Thomas talked to before he went missing.

Thomas Exposes Justin.

On the other hand, Thomas will be praying for his freedom that someone saves him before Justin makes his next move. Moreover, Thomas will be terrified as Justin reveals he might have to kill him for being a big threat.

So, Hope might be the one who saves Thomas subsequently saving Bill and Liam. Because Thomas will head straight to Bill once he gets his freedom. And, he will reveal everything to Bill who can use power to take Justin down.

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