bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Finds New Clues But Justin Puts A Stop To Him?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Thomas Forrester’s life is at great risk. Moreover, Justin Barber will have to do anything in his power to hide being responsible for Vinny Walker’s death.

It seems like late Vinny wanted to reveal some secrets to his best friend, Thomas through texts. However, Thomas had blocked his phone number after all the paternity test tampering drama. And, the spoilers suggest unblocking the number reveals huge secrets.

Before we dive deeper, do you think these secrets could free Bill and Liam Spencer from prison? Let us know down in the comment section.

As we know, Thomas got enraged after finding out Bill and Liam left Vinny to die after running over him. However, it seems like he will be the one to break them free as he is willing to catch the real culprit now.

Meanwhile, Justin has taken over the throne at Spencer Publications. And, it was pretty obvious he was the one behind. Because no one else except him is having a good time.

Thomas Stashed In Cage?

Moreover, the spoilers suggest Thomas will track Justin and force him to confess. Also, he will insist he has evidence to clear Liam and Bill’s name. However, Bill could be more difficult to free as he is responsible for covering up.

Nevertheless, Justin blows a knockout punch to Thomas instead. And, he will throw his body in a cage and hold him captive. That way, the father and son can keep on languishing behind bars.

Likewise, Justin can’t let them get out of jail. If they do, he will have to get off the throne. Since Justin has already come this far, he might also plan to kill Thomas to make things easier.

On the other hand, Hope Logan will be confused about where Thomas is right after promising her to be together no matter what. So could she try to look out for Thomas?

After being gone for a long time, will she report it to the authorities to find him? It seems like Thomas’s rescue depends on Hope alone.

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