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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Frustrated – Quinn Scared After Paris Finds Out The Truth.

It seems like the Liam Spencer prison drama has been causing much trouble in The Bold and The Beautiful. And, how could that not happen either as Liam has been part of everything in the show?

Thomas Lashes Over Liam?

Getting into The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers, Thomas Forrester can’t believe his best friend died after Bill Spencer’s immature act. Hence, he will be enraged over Bill for some time.

Meanwhile, Liam doesn’t want his imprisonment to make it harder for Hope Logan. Hence, it seems like he has a request for someone to look after Hope and their children.

Nevertheless, Thomas will pour all his pain and frustration on Liam as he was the one who ran over Vinny Walker and hid like a coward.

But we know, it was Bill who was trying to cover up for his son’s faults. And, he was putting immense pressure on his son which made Liam do the wrong thing. Moreover, Brooke Logan might try to calm Thomas saying Liam would have done the right thing if it was him alone.

In addition, it could be Thomas who Liam asks to be with Hope.

Do you think Thomas will agree to be with Hope and look after her children? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Will Quinn’s Secret Be Saved?

On the other hand, Paris Buckingham knows Quinn Forrester was the one who cheated with Carter Walton and not Shauna Fulton. And, Quinn has been scared and beating herself for talking about something like that in office.

Likewise, Shauna can only tell Quinn to prepare for the worst and hope things don’t get worse. However, she has also told Paris to keep her mouth shut for her sister, Zoe Buckingham’s happiness.

The spoilers also suggest Quinn will try to talk with Paris herself. And, we can also expect Paris to come clean about what she heard in the office.

However, some obstacles will come in their way as someone will call one of the sisters. Moreover, Paris could decide to hold the secret for a moment as things get better and blow it off.

Nevertheless, Quinn might get through just fine if Zoe doesn’t hear it was her Carter cheated with.

Also, thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for more updates on The Bold and The Beautiful.

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