bold an the beautiful spoilers hope and thomas love story begains again
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Moves to A Hope Free Direction.

Finally, Thomas Forrester is getting his dating game started. These days it seems that Thomas has no feelings for Hope Logan anymore. 

And if he goes on a date, then it would be a perfect opportunity to bury his obsession and past with Hope way deep.  But since this is a soap, we know that there is always a possibility of everything. 

I am pretty scared that the writers might go back into writing about Thomas’s obsession storyline. But, the fall preview for The Bold and The Beautiful says that it might not happen again. 

It’s true that Hope has a special place in Thomas’s heart. And no one can replace it. But, Thomas now knows what’s wrong and right. So, a new potential romance will give Thomas a new spark of feelings. 

Which is a good thing. Also, yes, Thomas might always go to Hope if she calls for him. But he still has some space left in his heart that can fit someone else. 

Thomas’s Dating Game.

I’d personally prefer a new character in Thomas’s life. Because those who are left in the soap right now will lead Thomas the same path as before.

And honestly, the best thing that can happen to Hope and Thoams’s friendship right now is that Thomas finds himself having only platonic feelings towards Hope.

Do you think Thomas will match with someone on a dating app? Or perhaps he will choose to be dreamy. And find himself a date in the romantic old-fashioned way?

Whatever the case, it will be really great to see Thomas fine dining and dating a woman on a perfect night. It’s been way too long and he certainly deserves it.

And we know for a fact that Thomas can be romantic. Way romantic to be precise. And since autumn is just starting this will be the perfect time for a new love beginning.

Are you ready for a new autumn love story? I surely am!

Since Thomas will be working with Hope to keep his son safe. A new romantic relationship at the same time will only prove that Thomas has no feelings towards Hope anymore.

So, rather than seeing Thomas spiral down the dark path. It will be interesting to see him work on his old desires.

So, what do you think about Thomas moving away in a Hope free direction is like?

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