The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Plans On Abducting Hope and Douglas For A Fairytale Ending.

Thomas Forrester is not seen on the show and has not been after the whole ordeal.

We wonder where he might be and what he is doing.

He’s really started getting obsessed with Hope Logan as we would see in the screen.

And the last conversation he had with her, she left without listening to everything he had to say.

So perhaps, Thomas is planning something big to sweep Hope off and obviously abduct her.

Not to mention, Thomas has also been attached to the idea of having his son around, even though he doesn’t treat him well enough.

Nonetheless, it’s possible that Thomas’ next big move is kidnapping.

We know that there’s always the calm before the storm.

You may think Thomas’ storms may have come to an end, but I think that’s wrong.

He certainly won’t stop now that he’s started.

There’s so much more damage left to do.

Not to mention he has no remorse whatsoever.

So, knowing how much Hope loves Douglas Forrester and how much he is in love with Hope.

Thomas may plan a full proof scheme to take Hope with him somewhere far away.

A lot has been happening these days so it will be pretty easy for him to take her away.

Although the security is kind of tight, it is for Sheila Carter.

Thomas Goes Ballistic.

So may ThomasĀ  make some sleazy speech about how he’s so sorry for hurting Doug, and everyone else so much.

Or maybe he will blackmail and manipulate Hope into coming somewhere.

Regardless, taking Douglas will not be that hard because he is just a child and also, Tom’s his father.

So, he will have to trick Hope so that he can abduct her and take her someplace safe a quiet.

Thomas may think that if he gives Hope and Douglas a little time they will see how much he loves them.

And they’ll start excepting Thomas for who he is.

And finally, Hope, Thomas, and Douglas can live happily ever after.

Maybe Thomas will manipulate Hope and Liam Spencer’s marriage with some divorce papers fake or real.

And then drag Hope to marry him instead.

He may do so without ending Lope’s marriage too.

So, do you think it is possible for Thomas to kidnap Hope and his son?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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