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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas’s Gateaway-Hope Finds Truth.

It’s getting got in The Bold and The Beautiful right now (and not in a good way.) Thomas Forrester is once again a part of a sinister plan. But this time he is the victim.

But it’s said that Thomas has used his pretty brain and decided a perfect plan to escape. Which might not really be perfect for various reasons. But the thing that keeps him moving is Hope Logan and the kids. Liam Spencer is behind the bars now and he is supposed to be responsible for them. But now he is trapped in a cage too which he just can’t let it be.

It ambushes my mind to fathom what soap opera guys or any drama’s men do for the women they love. They’d even actually bring out the stars if they demanded, but whatever I guess?

Anyways, guess what guys? After getting locked for like one week now Thomas will finally bring his old sinister manipulative soul back. But for a better cause.

For now, I can think of two escaps. Either he manipulates the hell out of Justin Barber and force him to open the cage. Then maybe he plans on hitting the man or oushing him on the cage or maybe just running.

Thomas Has A Lot Coming.

And the other being that Thomas will spend enough time orying out and find a hidden exit making it easier for him to escape.

Either way, expect Thomas to run straight to Hope. Before anything happens Thomas will make sure to give Hope evidence against Justin.

But let me just bring it out there. Un until there, everything is happening inside his head. Meaning, thinking of a plot and actually brining it to action is two completely different things.

And they have their own setbacks. If you haven’t already, I recommend you checking out previous video.

There we spoke about Wyatt Spencer and Hope being the possibility of hindrance for Justin. And it seems Hope will be his first target if Thomas plans accordingly.

But Thomas isn’t a fool anymore, as a matter of fact he never was! So, maybe his scheme will involve some cops or perhaps someone with higher reach than Hope.

  1. Hope ain’t a threat to Justin unless she has the explicit evidence. And being in the cage all day, Thomas has a lot of thinking to do.

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