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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Two Troublemakers Beautiful Romance.

I don’t know what The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers is implying to when it says that Shauna Fulton and Eric Forrester might be a couple. But hand in hand, Justin Barber and Shauna’s romance is blooming as well.

And, since we’ve already talked about Shauna and Eric, let’s bring Justin and Shaun’s storyline to life.

The thing’s that Shauna is caught in a tough sport right now. While Quinn is Shauna’s best friend, Eric is also her good pal. So, she’ll have two things to deal with.

One being the guilt of covering the truth from Eric about Quinn’s infidelity. And the second being Shauna not being able to protect Quinn from this immense heartbreak.

But let’s be honest here. Shauna did do everything she could. See, she couldn’t even get in Carter Walton’s arms. Sleeping is too far away.

However, she pretended all along that she was the one to sleep with the man but she took the steaminess all by herself.

On the other hand, Justin Barber is about go through his downfall. We know that Hope Logan has already found Thomas Forrester.

Wyatt Spencer and Ridge Forrester is up to Justin. Meaning, Bill Spencer will soon find about this betrayal. And Justin will have to pay for his crimes.

Bound By Betrayals And Mistakes.

What better way than to tie two people who are in a very different but so similar spot? Yes, the worst punishment for Justin is prison.

But he might get out of legal punishment. However, he will have no job and no friend. So, Shauna will be the perfect pair up.

Moving on, Justin has been such a good man the past decade, there’s no deny in that. Moving on, it would be such a shame if Justin’s character is to be thrown off just like that.

So, Shauna and Justin’s chemistry and romance might save the character from his actual doom.

And I also believe that there are many fans who wish to see Justin in the show without hindrance.

Moving on, how great would it be to see Justin and Shauna’s romantic journey. If they don’t go toxic and use each other for each other’s growth?

I think it’s always nice to see that. And Shauna too is very stressed about Quinn’s heartbreak. But this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve a love story of her own.

I would definitely like to see Shauna and Justin’s love life. Most importantly, I want to see Justin’s character growth.

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