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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Vinny Walker’s Death Is More Shocking Than You Think!

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Brooke Logan can’t believe Liam Spencer pushed Thomas Forrester towards Hope Logan. However, Ridge Forrester thinks Liam won’t make it through the court as the odds are against him.

And, it seems like Thomas will unfold more mysteries related to his best friend, Vinny Walker’s death.

Likewise, Brooke believes the whole family is there for Hope. And, she is also wondering what will happen if Liam gets free right when Thomas’s obsessive feelings for Hope come out again.

Meanwhile, Ridge asks Brooke what does she want if Liam never gets out? And, he feels that Thomas needs to honor Liam’s request.

Hope Won’t Give Up?

On the other hand, Hope finds some comfort in Thomas’s embrace. But, she pulls out after recalling her mother’s warning of not letting Thomas get too close. Moreover, she decides to not give up on Liam returning home.

Nevertheless, Hope pays a visit to Liam and Deputy Chief Bradley Baker warns them to wrap up their meeting soon. And, Liam confides in Hope saying he can just see it in Justin Barber’s eyes. That is, he thinks he doesn’t stand a chance.

Also, Hope asks Justin to do whatever he can to get her husband out of jail. And, Justin has a lot to go over before the trial. However, Hope protests when Liam mentions he could be imprisoned for a long time.

In addition, Liam believes Hope needs to stop worrying about him and take care of herself. And, Hope isn’t sure if Liam understands what he’s asking of her. However, she won’t be giving up anytime soon. And, the two reminisce their beautiful memories.

Thomas Takes A Look At His Unseen Texts?

Whereas, Thomas and Zende Forrester Dominiquez also talk about Liam. And, they agree that he might be locked up for a long time. However, Thomas’s phone is freezing up, and gets frustrated.

Later, Zende fixes Thomas’s phone and returns it to him. And, he chuckles Thomas might need to catch up with all his texts. However, Thomas realizes there are unseen messages from Vinny whose phone number he had blocked after the paternity test tampering drama.

Moreover, Thomas finds out Vinny had apologized for what he did. Also, Vinny had sent a video right before the accident. And, Thomas also finds texts saying he deserves the best and gets to be with Hope instead of Liam.

Likewise, Vinny is tracking Bill Spencer’s car which Liam is driving. And, the video ends up him getting run over. After that, the video contains Bill and Liam panicking. And, Thomas gasps with teary eyes “My God. Suicide.”

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