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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Vinny’s Accident Was Plotted – Who Is The Real Culprit?

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Now getting into our topic today, The Bold and The Beautiful has been really hyping the fans after revealing Liam Spencer was behind Vinny Walker’s death. However, the tides turn as the spoilers suggest someone else was behind the murder.

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Firstly, Steffy and Thomas Forrester learn the truth about Liam being responsible for Vinny. Moreover, they also find out Bill Spencer tried to cover it up which outrages Thomas.

Thanks to Brooke Logan, she calms him a little bit after confirming it was an accident. And, Steffy too asks him to not hate Liam more as Hope Logan is broken as her kids won’t have a father.

A Mystery Girlfriend Is Behind Vinny’s Murder?

This is where things start getting interesting as it’s impossible Vinny arrived at Mulholland Drive right after being released from the Los Angeles jailhouse. As Thomas recently mentioned he had a girlfriend or perhaps his parents could have picked him up.

Moreover, Vinny was mentioned to have lived most of the time with his girlfriend. And, it’s upstate California where the two resided. So could she have picked up Vinny but where did they head to?

Likewise, she could have either taken him to his apartment. But, leaving him alone again wouldn’t be a good choice as they are meeting after a long time.

Nevertheless, the show hasn’t picked up on this story which could be possible for a future shocker for the fans.

Meanwhile, we can’t disagree on the fact Liam hit Vinny on accident. Hence, Thomas too might calm down and forgive him. Also, his resolve to be a better father and human being might make him more optimistic.

If the writers do decide this, Thomas could also try to set Liam and Bill free by breaking the case. As we know, the two can’t be locked up in prison for years. Hence, there has to be a mystery that needs to be investigated.

However, only time can tell who the real murderer is and Liam was plotted to fall right into the trap.

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