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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Vinny’s Cast Joe LoCicero Returns To The Show?

As you know, Liam Spencer ended Vinny Walker’s life after running over him. And, Bill Spencer was quick enough to turn the accident into a crime by running away and destroying the evidence.

Nevertheless, our topic today is Vinny’s return. And, I don’t mean the drug-dealer-turned-lab-tech will return from the grave. I mean Vinny’s actor Joe LoCicero will make another appearance on The Bold and The Beautiful.

We know, Bill and Liam are spending their time behind bars. And, it seems like Justin Barber has bailed out on them. While the son and father are languishing, Justin has taken over the throne at Spencer Publications.

Meanwhile, after Liam’s request, Thomas Forrester promised Hope Logan to be by her side when it gets hard. Moreover, he also assured he would look over Douglas and Kelly Spencer when they need a father.

So, is Vinny the only one to be left out as people forget him?

Justin’s Revenge?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Thomas will find out texts sent by his late best friend. As the texts reveal some secrets, his life may be put in danger as Justin knows he is onto something.

Likewise, Justin might have more to give Thomas as he was responsible for Emma Barber’s death. Moreover, he ran her car off the road while she was driving to tell Hope good news.

So the fans can expect Justin to be ruthless as he holds Thomas captive. And, it will be really interesting to see who saves him.

On the other hand, LoCicero mentioned his wife Gina Rodriguez was upset over his exit. And he mentioned it was because they really enjoyed watching the show together. Also, fans might remember Gina once appearing in the show as Beverly.

Are you excited to see LoCicero a.k.a Vinny return to the show?

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