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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Vinny’s Storyline Raises Many Questions?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans thought Justin Barber might have schemed Vinny Walker’s accident framing Liam and Bill Spencer as the culprits. However, it turned out Vinny had committed suicide while Justin took the opportunity to throne himself at Spencer Publications.

Nevertheless, if we look at Vinny’s suicide, there are many things we will find are ridiculous. So today, let’s look at some of them.

Also, comment down below if you have found any loopholes in the show’s recent storyline.

Who Gave Vinny A Tracker?

Likewise, Vinny had planned up everything for his best friend, Thomas Forrester. Moreover, he wanted to send Liam to prison so that Thomas could be with Hope Logan.

First thing is, the video Vinny left for Thomas mentioned how he was tracking Liam. So, what is this tracking about? Had he attached a tracking device to Bill’s car? How did he get something like that?

Another thing is, it was Bill’s car and not Liam’s. So, even if he got run over with Bill’s car, there was a low possibility Liam would be the one to drive it. So, how could he plan something so unsure putting his life on the line?

Has Vinny Got Bat Vision?

Nevertheless, Vinny could have just wasted his life for nothing if the car he jumped in front of was not Bill’s car. Because it was really dark, even the father and son couldn’t see Vinny. So, how did Vinny was the only one to see them?

Likewise, there could have been a high possibility it would be someone else’s car and not been Bill’s posh sports car.

On the other hand, the show has been really careless with Vinny’s suicide. How could they not even put a suicide hotline number on the screen?

Moreover, people would have appreciated if the show mentioned there is help out there such as SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education).

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