Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Vinny’s Storyline’s A Mess – Zoe Dumps Carter?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Vinny Walker’s death has brought many changes. For example, Hope Logan who envied Steffy Forrester is friends with her now.

Meanwhile, Justin Barber who always obeyed Bill Spencer’s commands has taken control of Spencer Publications. Moreover, he isn’t moving even a finger to help his boss.

Nevertheless, Thomas Forrester found out Vinny’s suicide video right before jumping in front of Bill’s car which Liam Spencer was driving. And, as he takes the evidence to Justin as he is the person who takes care of Bill’s illegal mess, he has a different motive. And, Justin knocks Thomas out trashing him in a cage.

Justin Just Threw Thomas In A Cage. How?

Likewise, The Bold and The Beautiful seems to have rushed on making Vinny’s storyline this time. Moreover, the loopholes the back of the storyline has are just ridiculous.

Just like Vinny “tracking” Bill’s car, where did he get the tracker from? And, how would he know Liam was the one driving Bill’s car? Bill rarely lets anyone drive his car so was Vinny’s jump just a fluke?

Also, did the police not get Vinny’s phone till now? Or, are they just keeping it a secret and know what Justin’s plan is? Could they be trying to catch Justin who kidnapped Thomas as well as is taking over Bill’s company?

Meanwhile, we can’t wonder how ridiculous Justin knocking out Thomas in one punch was. And, it would take lots of effort for Justin to get him from Forrester Creations, the place where he got knocked out to across the town. So, why didn’t the show let the fans see any of that part?

In addition, did none of the workers in Thomas’s own father’s company notice anything unusual? And, what about Justin bringing Thomas through Spencer Publications?

Brooke Bombards Ceremony?

Meanwhile, the spoilers also suggest something big will go down in Quinn and Eric Forrester’s vow renewal ceremony. Moreover, Brooke Logan heard Quinn and Paris Buckingham’s conversation about who slept with Carter Walton.

So, it seems like Brooke will be making a dramatic entrance down the staircase. And, she will stop Quinn and Eric from sharing any more vows. Hence, she will reveal the truth.

Nevertheless, Carter and Zoe Buckingham are also present. And, after Zoe finds the truth, it will blow their relationship as well. Moreover, she will run away from the hall.

Do you think Eric will lose his mind after finding out his dear wife slept with someone else? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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