The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: What If Brooke and Taylor Started Dating?

Okay, so Krista Allen did say in an interview some time ago that she’d like to be involved in a same-sex storyline, be it on the soap or somewhere else.

And that definitely was something pretty interesting.

Also, recently, we saw Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes finally realizing that Ridge Forrester is not worth their time.

They were seen celebrating together when Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan interrupted them, and we also saw Steffy getting very amused.

Also, Steffy said something like she only tried so hard for Ridge and her to be together because she thought that’s what her mom wanted.

And of course, in the surface level it means that if Taylor wants someone else, Steffy’s fine with it.

But what if it means that Taylor is not actually straight and neither is Brooke?

The Bold and The Beautiful is a fashion house and yet we’ve not seen one gay person or a same-sex couple.

Baylor FTW!

Especially given the fact it’s 2022 already, and yet this show is very patriarchal.

So, it would be amazing to see Taylor and Brooke bend their sexualities, given their age.

It wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to realize what they actually want after decades of their age passes.

I mean, take a look at Willian Bruce Jenner, who’d known as Caitlyn Jenner now.

She finally realized who she was after so long being a father, a husband, and a male Olympic athlete, so why would it be unnatural for Taylor and Brooke to bend their sexualities from straight to perhaps bisexual?

They’ve been one another’s enemies for so long.

So it would make perfect sense if they now start dating one another because a love-hate romance is the most famous one in the entire world.

And I certainly don’t think it is only me who wants then together.

Especially after seeing how happy they were and, for the first time seeing a glimpse of the two women together having a spark.

Ridge really did dull out a lot of possibilities, huh?

Anyway, Tessa Porter and Mariah Copeland from The Young and The Restless are so cute together, and I think Baylor will make a pretty cute couple as well.

Not to mention they won’t even have to be a long term couple, a small experimental couple will be enough.

So, what do you think?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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