The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: What If Thomas Turns Out To Be Massimo and Taylor’s Son?

Sometimes The Bold and The Beautiful acts a little crazy.

Especially when it comes to paternity storylines.

Now we know that paternity tests often lie when a child is still in the mother’s womb or just sometime later after a baby’s born.

Just like what happened with Steffy Forrester a couple of years earlier while deciding Hayes Finnegan’s paternity.

So changing an adult’s paternity is unlikely in a soap series; however, it has happened once with Ridge Forrester.

He was believed to be Eric Forrester’s child until it was revealed that it was Massimo, Ridge’s real father.

With that in mind, here are some loopholes in B&B.

History is changing in The Bold and The Beautiful these days.

Connecting Loop Holes.

Ever since Taylor Hayes came back to town, we’ve seen some past of her being erased.

Such as Taylor’s drinking problem seems to have vanished in B&B just like that.

It seems that it never even existed.

And then the same goes for Taylor shooting Bill Spencer in the back the last time she was in town.

In the same way, Thomas Forrester also killed Emma Barber in the worst way possible, but that is nowhere on record in B&B.

Steffy Forrester acts like she is a saint, and it’s only Brooke who sleeps with other men.

While it is Steffy herself who has had to get a paternity test for both of her children, Kelly Spencer and Hayes Finnegan.

Yet, this is something we do not see in the soap opera anymore because it’s as if they never even happened in the first place.

So, it is possible that the timeline shifts here and there a but that, places Taylor with Massimo during the time Thomas was conceived.

It is going to be one of the biggest blows in the soap series.

Given the fact that it would make Thomas Ridge Forrester’s half-brother.

Taylor and Ridge’s relationship would not really be impacted as well.

Due to the fact that Taylor never even married Massimo and his relationship doesn’t tie with the one Taylor has with Massimo.

The only thing that changes is integrity and Thomas’ paternity.

But back when Ridge’s paternity was revealed, Eric Forrester still continued to love Ridge as if he were his own, and he still does, to this day.

But Ridge might not be so kind.

Do you think this is possible?

et us know down in the comments section.

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