Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: What Will Happen To Justin After This Ends?

The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Justin Barber has completely changed during the past couple of episodes. Moreover, Justin who was loyal to Bill Spencer, put his life and career at risk to deal with the illegal messes has become the protagonist.

Bill’s Unfair Treatment.

As we know, Liam Spencer ran over Vinny Walker with Bill’s car when the son and father were driving at midnight. Although it was an accident, they turned it into a hit-and-run by running away and covering up the truth.

Likewise, Liam couldn’t hide the truth any longer and confessed it. After Liam got arrested, Bill came to confess thinking he could save his son. But, both of them ended up in jail.

Long-time fans know, Justin has always been Bill’s right-hand man and best buddy. Moreover, he helped Bill takedown Ridge Forrester a decade ago. And, he has always taken care of Bill’s work ever since.

However, Justin didn’t feel appreciated enough and especially when he wasn’t made co-CEO of the company. Thus, this day had to come and some fans might have also predicted this.

Since Bill and Liam have been languishing behind bars and there’s no one to save them, Justin has taken the throne at Spencer Publications. And, he might even be on cloud nine making himself at home in Bill’s office.

Nevertheless, Vinny’s accident turned out to be a suicide and he wanted to frame Liam so that his buddy, Thomas Forrester could be with Hope Logan. Also, Thomas found out that Vinny had sent him tons of text and a video which was him jumping right in front of Bill’s car.

Likewise, Thomas wanted to free Liam with that evidence and gave it to Justin. But, Justin hadn’t had enough of ruling the company so he threw Thomas in a cage instead.

Ridge And Hope Search Together?

Meanwhile, Ridge Forrester has been searching for his son. And, his recent conversation with Zende Forrester let him know that Justin was the last person Thomas talked to. So, Ridge might be spying on Justin to learn the truth.

Also, Hope is worried about where Thomas went right after promising her to be by her side always. And, she has grown suspicious of Justin after he lied to her that Thomas left L.A. So, could she team up with Ridge to find Thomas?

One other thing fans are really curious to know is what will happen to Justin after this ends. Moreover, could Thomas keep it a secret and forgive Justin or will he make sure to put him in prison?

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