The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Who Will Ridge Choose- The Final Decision.
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Who Will Ridge Choose- The Final Decision.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers say that it’s time Ridge Forrester comes back and makes his decision.

Honestly speaking, if it was up to me, it would never be him making a decision; I’d want the two ladies to bid him goodbye at once and live on with their lives.

Unfortunately, we are where we are, and it is what it is.

So, let’s see which of the two ladies Ridge might choose after his soul-searching trip.

Brooke Logan.

Our first candidate is Brook Logan, not because she’s the favorite or anything, because they always get back together at the end.

No matter what it is, how it is, and where it I, Brooke and Ridge have always found their way back to one another.

So it’s safe to say that Ridge’s recent choice may be Brooke too.

But it still is kind of confusing due to the way things have been going on these days.

Steffy Forrester and Thomas Forrester are certainly going to fume over Ridge’s decision.

But it’s Taylor Hayes who will have to live with the heartbreak.

But if Ridge chooses Brooke again, Steffy may blame herself for revealing Thomas’ secret, or Thomas may get even more upset.


Taylor Hayes.

Taylor’s, of course, the next choice because unlike the other times, this time it’s a little more conflicting situation.

Of course, Ridge making his way to Taylor was only because of the feeling of betrayal.

Bit he’s made all those promises and was ready to commit, while Ridge is never afraid of losing face or being embarrassed, this vacation that he is in right now may change the way he views things.

Booke and Ridge know they love one another unconditionally but their relationship has been nothing but rocky since the beginning.

So, Ridge may decide that it is time to end and move on.

Well, as always, there are, once again two choices.

And once again, the decision needs to be made by a man who really has no control over his impulse or his decision, aka the brain for all that matter.

So, would you like to do the honors of telling u who your favorite couple is?

Is it Tridge or Bridge?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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