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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Bill Destroy Justin Or Will Thomas Save Him?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Justin Barber betrayed Bill Spencer by bailing on him after he got arrested. Moreover, he took the perfect opportunity to throne himself at Spencer Publications.

However, the spoilers suggest Justin will regret the split-second decisions he made. Meanwhile, Bill might already have a new solution to get out of prison.

Bill’s New Plan?

As it turned out Vinny Walker had committed suicide, Thomas Forrester had found out the evidence. Hence, he thought the best to do was give them to Justin, Bill’s lawyer, and right-hand man.

Nevertheless, Justin had already turned his back on Bill and Liam Spencer. And, it seems like he was tired of obeying Bill.

Going back to the past, we know Justin always had Bill’s back. And, he also dealt with all of Bill’s illegal mess even if it meant putting his life and career on the line.

Likewise, Justin was loyal and did his best but as a human, he wanted some appreciation as well. But, Bill failed to give him any of that and Justin snapped when Bill couldn’t give his proper position as the company’s co-CEO.

Therefore, Justin took the opportunity of the Spencer boys getting locked up. Also, he locked Thomas in a cage in order to silence him and the evidence he had brought to free Liam Spencer.

However, the spoilers suggest Justin could regret the path he has chosen. Moreover, Bill might be planning to get another lawyer as Justin hasn’t been much of a help this time.

In addition, Bill could destroy Justin if he gets free by taking back all of his money and power. Also, Justin could end up on the road if Bill makes him pay for what he did.

Thomas Saves Justin?

However, there is a small chance this might not happen. As we know, Thomas is locked up in a cage and Justin thinks if he frees him, he will go straight to the police to get him arrested. Well, that’s not much interesting, is it?

So, what if Thomas decides to keep it a secret just so Justin can get back on the right track. And, Justin might realize how big of a mistake he made. After that, his bonding with Bill and Thomas could become solid.

On the other hand, Justin has already deleted the evidence. But common, this era we live in, it’s really easy to get back deleted files.

Do you think Justin could change before Bill destroys him? Comment down to let us know your thoughts.

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