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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Bill Rescue Thomas from His Cage?

The Bold and The Beautiful is always up to something. And I have to admit that this time, Thomas Forrester being caged is a fun watch. The intriguing part is, Thomas is just there at the Spencer Publication, people who know him are there. But he can’t be found.

Anyway so, many fans believe that Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester will rescue Thomas. This will strengthen the women’s bond as well because they have had a fallout.

And now that Liam Spencer and Thomas both are in danger they have a united will.

Bill Has A Plan?

Meanwhile, Bill Spencer already has a hunch of Justin Barber’s evil scheme. It makes no sense that Justin knew about the accident when no one mentioned it to him.

Now, Bill is a man with plans. He probably had some set up before leaving for prison. So it might be Bill who finds out about Thomas being held captive.

Another possibility seems to be that Justin will probably set Thomas free in such a way that even the truth will seem like a lie.

Moving on, the next possibility can be Ridge Forrester. As you know, Bill and Ridge have never been good pals. And it’s not impossible for Ridge to visit Spencer Publication just to see if there’s any mayhem yet.

In the midst, he might find his son entangled in the cage and will try to rescue him. Finally, this will lead to Ridge rescuing Liam and Bill. Starting a new friendship.

The Helicopter Hurling.

Of course, Justin just wanted the Spencer Publication to himself. And, he had no intention of murder whatsoever. But Thomas will come to action very soon.

But he is also doomed to fail. Meaning, Justin will get frustrated and plan to get rid of him.

As you may remember, Thomas once made a sarcastic comment about how Justin could toss Thomas out of the helicopter-like he did to his dad.

And as Justin keeps on thinking, he’ll find the possibility of catching his murder to be so low that way. Because he certainly can’t keep Thomas in the same cage for too long.

Someone will definitely see him. And what better way could he get rid of his hostage without someone noticing than to just throw the hostage out from a chopper?

It seems a little unlikely for Thomas to die in such a way. So what do you think is the possible gateway for Thomas?

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