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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Hope Rescue Thomas – Quinn’s Destroyed?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Justin Barber has held Thomas Forrester captive in a cage. And it’s time someone notices his unannounced disappearance.

Likewise, Liam Spencer had asked Thomas for a favor from behind the bars. And, he wanted Thomas to take care of Hope Logan, and their children. Moreover, Thomas also promised Hope that he would always be by her side despite Liam’s fate in prison.

Hence, Hope is confused about where the man who made a promise has gone right after he said it. Also, she will be worried as Thomas is not the kind of person who bails on someone. And, the spoilers suggest she will be searching for Thomas.

In addition, Hope also notices Justin has been acting weird. And, Justin lies right into her face that Thomas left LA. But, Hope won’t believe him as she knows Thomas would have directly talked to her if he was leaving.

On the other hand, Justin visits where he kept his hostage. And, he might blab about how Thomas won’t get his freedom back. Also, how could Justin even let Thomas go as he could destroy him if he gets free?

Do you think Hope can rescue Thomas? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Eric Divorces Quinn.

Nevertheless, Brooke Logan revealed Quinn Forrester and Carter Walton’s truth right during the vow renewal ceremony. And, Quinn won’t be able to make any excuses.

Likewise, the spoilers suggest Quinn will surrender and admit the truth to Eric. And, she will beg Eric to forgive her for committing such a horrible crime.

Therefore, the ceremony gets completely doomed and so does Quinn. We know, Eric might have forgiven Quinn for lots of things but this won’t be the same. And, he might also make it clear that they might divorce soon.

Moreover, Brooke will be happy as Eric finally knows his wife’s true colors. And, Eric might also need some support and Donna Logan might be the exact person needed.

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